Monday, 3 February 2014

Colours for Children

Colours can have an impact on your children

Colours are very important to consider for our babies and children. If you want your child to be hyped up and excited, try dressing him in red. 

Warm and Cool Colours
Colours are divided into warm and cool colours. Warm colours are red, orange and yellow. Cool colours are green, blue and violet. These colours have an impact on our moods. Red, orange and yellow can spark us up if we are feeling down. However if we are already excited by what is going on in our life we can surround ourselves with the cooler colours of green, blue and purple. 

Colour Affects Mood
If your child is excitable try dressing him/her in cool colours. These include shades of pale blue, mid blue, sky blue, royal blue, dark blue, navy, teal, green, emerald, aqua, mauve, violet, lavender. Pale pink is also a calming colour.

When your child wears red, burgundy, orange and bright yellow, he will be more stimulated. 

Pastel Colours
Pastel shades of colours are also calming. You can use pink, apricot and lemon here as these warm colours do not have the intensity when they are very pale. A soft green, baby blue and lavender or mauve are also good pastel colours to use.

Babies are best dressed in pastel colours. Their aura or energy system is still soft and gentle. Any bright colours around them can be too stimulating. After all we do want our babies to be calm and to sleep well because then we feel better too.

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